SUNDERMANN: Jurnal Ilmiah Teologi, Pendidikan, Sains, Humaniora dan Kebudayaan STT BNKP Sundermann en-US SUNDERMANN: Jurnal Ilmiah Teologi, Pendidikan, Sains, Humaniora dan Kebudayaan 1979-3588 <p>Authors who publish with Sundermann Journal agree with the following requirements:</p> <ol> <li>The author retains the copyright and provides the Sundermann Journal with the right of the first publication with the paper simultaneously licensed under the <a href="">Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License</a> that allows others to freely share and quote this work with the recognition of authorship of the author's work and initial publications in Sundermann Journal.</li> <li>Authors are permitted to distribute versions published in this journal (for example posting to institutional repositories or publishing them in a book), recognizing initial publications in Sundermann Journal.</li> </ol> KETEKUNAN KETEKUNAN IMAN DI DALAM PENANTIAN KRISTUS BERDASARKAN IBRANI 10:37-38 <p>In the New Testament, the book of Hebrews is one of the books that quotes the Old Testament text a lot and alludes to faith. Even this book itself defines faith. The New Testament authors tended to use the Hebrew version of the masoretic text, with various methods of interpreting the ancient Jewish tradition. Methods of interpretation, for example: historical, preteris, furutis, idealist. The writing of this article was carried out using a qualitative method, the form of which is exegetical. Exegesis is a method of discovering and understanding the author's message. to understand the use of the Old Testament in the realm of the New Testament, especially regarding texts that speak of Eschatology or the second coming of the Lord. From various perspectives there is still much to be explored, starting from the soteriological and eschatological sides. The purpose of writing this article is to explain the meaning of the author's use of Old Testament quotations in the New Testament and their relation to persistent faith in waiting for Christ's second coming. The author describes the author's use of the Old Testament in verses 10:37-38, then, the author will describe its correlation with the persistent faith of today's Christians in terms of waiting for the second coming of Christ.</p> Emanuel Kristinus Ndruru Copyright (c) 15 2 JURNAL TEOLOGI PELAYANAN PENGGEMBALAAN <p>This research discusses overcoming drug addiction among 02 public transportation drivers with the Aart Van Beek approach to helping and recovering people who are bound by drug abuse, with the aim that they have hope in life and acceptance and experience God's love. With the mission of building people with strong character who are mentally and spiritually prepared, through healing past wounds and family relationships. Pastoral assistance is carried out, namely: teaching, counseling, and paying attention to the development of their changes through physical healing and restoration of their souls and characters with the aim of preparing them mentally to return intact among the family and community environment. With a descriptive qualitative research method. The way in which the participants are served has a positive impact, plays a role and performs benefits to help properly in fostering and carrying out a pastoral approach to healing and recovering drug addicts from their past ties and guiding them to live according to the word Lord.</p> Agusnidar zega Copyright (c) 15 2 JURNAL TEOLOGI JURNAL TEOLOGI <p>The call to preach the Gospel is an urgent matter so that the biggest human problem, namely sin, can be overcome. The Bible begins by explaining the tragic human condition, a situation that only the Gospels can answer. Through the Gospel, human sins can be exposed and humans can return to peace with God. The preaching of the Gospel must be done because it is God's will that all sinful human beings can be saved from eternal punishment. Only through the Gospel will humans be saved from the punishment of eternal death and can make sinful humans become new creations (2 Cor. 5:17). If the Gospel is not conveyed, then it is the same as allowing them to go astray and perdition (Mark 9:43-48; Rev. 20:11-15). The governance of evangelism is closely related to the development of the media. Evangelism always takes advantage of developments and changes in communication systems in an ever-evolving society. The media can play a role in the preaching of the Gospel. Advances in information technology, especially the Internet, provide an opportunity to proclaim the Gospel to anyone, because the internet knows no boundaries of region, religion, ethnicity and race.</p> Agusnidar zega Copyright (c) 15 2 Inkarnasi Menurut St. Maximus The Confessor <p>Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memberikan kita pemahaman baru dari St. Maximus bahwa dalam inkarnasi, manusia juga ikut terlibat dalam merespon karya Allah sehingga manusia mendapat keselamatan. Dalam inkarnasi Kristus telah mempersiapkan keselamatan bagi manusia melalui kematian-Nya diatas kayu salib. Dalam penelitian ini penulis menggunakan kajian literatur yang bersumber dari buku dan jurnal untuk mendukung pendapat dari St. Maximus. Dalam artikel ini menjelaskan bahwa inkarnasi sudah direncanakan Allah sejak awal manusia jatuh ke dalam dosa dengan cara Allah mengambil wujud daging sebagai manusia dengan melalui kelahiran dari seorang perawan. Inkarnasi bukan hanya sebagai pernyataan diri Allah saja, tetapi dengan Allah berinkarnasi manusia mendapatkan keselamatan dan pemulihan atas dosa-dosa. Sehingga inkarnasi pada akhirnya membawa manusia dapat kembali dan menyatu dengan keilahian Allah (Theosis).</p> Mainyer For Jaya Gulo Mayner Hendi Hendi Copyright (c) 15 2 Islam di Kota Ambon pada Masa Kolonial: Perspektif Sejarah <p>The dynamic of development of Islam, either conceptually or institutionally, in Maluku should not be separated from the social history of Maluku society during colonial time of Westerners such as Portuguese and Dutch. This article attempts to reconstruct the dynamic of Islam especially in Ambon Island under colonization of the Dutch (VOC). The highly price of spices around sixteenth and seventeenth centuries had attracted many international traders coming to the spice island for trading spices (clove and nutmeg). Economic transaction and social interaction between local community of Ambon and foreign traders brought about significant social transformations mainly among indigenous people of Ambon, which was a trade center of spice at that time. Such social transformations escalated into political conflict between local community and Western colonizer (Dutch) who forced monopoly system of spice trading. Islam had been adhered by some local communities of Ambon at Leihitu Peninsula far before the Westerners was an important religion that conducted political-economic resistance and negotiated local identity facing colonial administration in Ambon at that time.</p> Steve Gerardo Christoffel Gaspersz Copyright (c) 2022 Steve Gerardo Christoffel Gaspersz 2022-12-24 2022-12-24 15 2 67 77 10.36588/sundermann.v15i2.103 The Pola Pelayanan Musa Sebagai Representasi Allah; Teladan Yang Patut Diimitasi Oleh Pemimpin Gereja Kontemporer <p>The pattern of Moses' ministry as a representation of God has become a figure that should be imitated by today's church leaders. Today, not a few church leaders are trapped in unhealthy leadership patterns that result in undesirable things, for example, moral degradation, running away from calling, lack of responsibility, not setting the right life example for the congregation, and being more concerned with life. worldly than spiritual life. To avoid this incident, the author suggests several ideas as an offer of thought to avoid the crisis of church leadership today, among others, namely; a lifestyle of loyalty, responsibility, prioritizing the needs of the congregation, obedience to God, and integrity. The method used by the author in this study is a descriptive qualitative method with a literature approach. The author's thesis from this research is that the pattern of Moses' ministry as a representation of God is very much needed by today's church leaders in carrying out their duties and responsibilities as pastors of the congregation they lead.</p> Rezeki Putra Gulo Copyright (c) 15 2 Tanda Immanuel: Kesamaan Makna Dari Kata “Almah” Dan “Bthuwlah” Yaitu Seorang Perawan (Yesaya 7:14) <p>The fulfillment of Immanuel's sign in Isaiah 7:14 has been debated for a long time, there are some who argue that the sign has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. Immanuel's sign is only addressed to his son Isaiah, and some say his son King Ahaz is Hezekiah. This debate occurs because of the use of the word “almah” in Isaiah 7:14. This word has the meaning of a girl, of course it can refer to a virgin and not a virgin. Meanwhile, who gave birth to Jesus was Mary, a virgin, and the word virgin is more precisely to use the word "bthuwlah" if it is addressed to Jesus. In this case, the purpose of this paper is to find the true meaning of the word "almah" so that the sign of Immanuel can be applied to the birth of Jesus by the virgin Mary correctly. The research method used is grammatical analysis, context and literature research. At the end of this paper, the author finds that the word "almah" has the same meaning as the word "bthuwlah" which is a girl who is still a virgin.</p> Foera'era waruwu waruwu Copyright (c) 15 2 Keterampilan dan Kompetensi Guru Pendidikan Agama Kristen di Era Revolusi Industri 4.0 <p>Artikel ini mengupas tentang keterampilan dan kompetensi yang harus dimiliki seorang guru Pendidikan Agama Kristen (PAK) dalam menghadapi evolusi pembelajaran di era revolusi industri 4.0. Saat ini, teknologi telah menjadi bagian yang lebih penting dari kehidupan sehari-hari, dan tentu saja, merupakan bagian sentral dan esensial dari pembelajaran abad ke-21. Siswa sudah banyak tertarik dengan teknologi dan berharap dapat digunakan di sekolah. Perubahan ini menuntut guru PAK untuk menyesuaikan pendekatan pembelajaran yang diterapkan di kelas dan bekerja ekstra untuk membekali diri dengan berbagai keterampilan dan kompetensi. Keempat kompetensi sebagaimana disyaratkan oleh UU No. 14/2005 harus dimiliki oleh guru PAK. Selain itu, mengingat kekhususan dan karakter pendidikan agama Kristen, mereka juga harus memiliki kepekaan yang lebih luar biasa, keyakinan yang kuat kepada Tuhan, kualitas empatik dan persuasif. Melalui tinjauan teoritis dan analisis isi, penulis berpendapat bahwa ketika guru PAK bertindak sebagai pendidik dalam konteks pembelajaran berbasis TIK, mereka dituntut untuk setidak-tidaknya memiliki keterampilan dan kompetensi, yaitu (1) keterampilan komunikasi, (2) literasi teknologi, (3) keterampilan manajemen waktu, (4) keterampilan penilaian dan evaluasi, (5) mengajarkan siswa untuk menerapkan konsep, dan (6) keterampilan konseling.</p> Delipiter Lase Copyright (c) 2022 Delipiter Lase 2022-12-17 2022-12-17 15 2 53 66 10.36588/sundermann.v15i2.98 Persaudaraan yang Rukun menurut Kitab Mazmur 133:1-3 <p>Artikel ini menggambarkan tentang kehidupan jemaat yang berasal dari Pulau Nias yang hidup dalam perantauan. Sebagai masyarakat perantauan yang melanjutkan kehidupan di tempat lain, tentunya membuat warga jemaat BNKP Gloria, Resort 40 berinteraksi dengan banyak orang yang berbeda suku, agama, ras dan kebudayaan. Selain itu, hidup di tanah perantauan tidak mudah, karena setiap orang harus tetap berusaha mendapatkan kelayakan hidup. Hal ini membuat warga jemaat yang merupakan orang Nias dalam perantauan cenderung memiliki semangat hidup yang pada akhirnya menuju pada keegoisan, individualime dan hal-hal lainnya yang mengakibatkan perpecahan. Sehingga melupakan diri sebagai umat Alllah yang dipersatukan oleh-Nya dalam satu persekutuan. Hal ini menunjukkan tidak sesuai dengan persaudaraan yang rukun menurut Mazmur 133:1-3 yang menjelaskan persaudaraan sebagai persekutuan dalam Tuhan. Walaupun bangsa Israel telah terpecah, bahkan berdiaspora di tempat yang berbeda-beda, mereka tetap mau datang dan bersekutu di hadapan Tuhan karena tetap mengingat jati diri sebagai umat Allah dan bahkan mewujudkan kesatuan itu di dalam segala aspek kehidupan. Dalam tulisan ini penulis akan mencari tahu apa dan bagaimana persaudaraan yang rukun menurut Mazmur 133:1-3 dan mengaplikasikannya dalam kehidupan warga BNKP Jemaat Gloria, Resort 40. Untuk membantu kelengkapan data pada penelitian ini, penulis akan menggunakan metode kualitatif dengan metode wawancara dan observasi.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Tuti Mega Sartika Nduru Copyright (c) 15 2 MY GOD TOLD ME TO STAY HERE: PENGINJILAN LUDWIG INGWER NOMMENSEN BERSAMA BADAN MISI RHENISH (JERMAN) <p>Paper ini membicarakan Gereja Batak sebagai hasil penginjilan badan misi Rhenish (Jerman), dengan berfokus kepada “Karya Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen &amp; Badan Misi Rhenish di Tanah Batak,” yang karena struktur masyarakat yang dijumpainya melakukan peralihan haluan dari penginjilan perorangan kepada orang banyak (massal), suatu uraian yang mengangkat kekuatan strategi misi dan spiritualitas yang kokoh dari tokoh misi dan penginjilan kepada Suku Batak yaitu &nbsp;Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen. Uraian yang menyertakan dengan serius tuturan Keluarga Nommensen sendiri. Nommensen sendiri ingin dan berupaya agar kekurangan penginjilan secara bangsa (massal) itu ditindaklanjuti dengan pendidikan iman. Hal itu tepat sesuai arah Matius 28: 16-20 sebagai suatu pendekatan yang memberi penekanan besar kepada pengajaran (<em>didakhe</em>). Bukan berhenti pada pembaptisan, melainkan sungguh-sungguh harus berlanjut kepada pengajaran (<em>didakhe</em>). Dengan kata lain membangun kemuridan. Dalam pembacaan Injil yang seksama, kita akan mengetahui bahwa yang diminta Yesus yang bangkit untuk para murid teruskan dan ajarkan bukanlah doktrin, melainkan praktik hidup sebagai murid.</p> Jhon P.E. Simorangkir Copyright (c) 15 2